A lady had asked a question and read and reread it as it is a very deep question. Her topic was My Adult son wont talk to me, Us. I read the answers as well. Today it is Christmas. I feel so alone. I do have other children. Yet there is a constant ache everyday that does not go away. In spring -08, my son has not returned any of my or my other childrens calls. I has been slowly going this way about over the last 2 years. But eventually we would catch him off guard and he would talk and he did show up on Christmas day. But not this year. He has not returned any of our calls. He is successful in the music industry and I have always encouraged him. He is very well known in the community and has endless friends. I have an adult daughter who thinks by things he has said, it is because he looks down at us for the area we live in as well as the fact that I have adopted children (one is bi-racial white/black and the other is handicapped. My daughter said he hates the handicapped one, because she is handicapped. But that has been over a decade ago. I don't get it. The two children are very loving and love him, very much.
I have NEVER had words with my son, as an adult! This has been coming on I guess for a few years now but this seems so clear. All the siblings have tried to contact him. My other kids said let go for now. He is with his friends alot!
Please if you have any ideas, let me know.