I brought my adult daughter home when she needed back surgery. This was 16 months ago. She is still living with me. I provide food , shelter and little by little, she is demanding more and more of my financies - e.g. for cigarettes, taxi cabs, special food, etc, and when she does not get what she wants, she screams horrible obscenities at me. She refused to look for a job and does not help out here. I am becoming frightened of her ranting and screaming and threats and have asked her to leave, but she refuses. I am 58 and on chemotherapy, but work almost 70 hours per week to support us and also help my elderly mother who lives alone. My daughter now wants me to buy her nutrisystem and is tormenting me until I do, but I tried to explain that after supporting her this long, I just don't have any money left. Has also stolen from me and her elderly grandmother, but it is impossible to reason with her. I love her and know I am enabling her, but I am too sick to deal with this and do not want her homeless in the winter. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.