My oldest daughter is using drugs. She has admitted this to me. I have raides her 8 year old daughter, and only returned the child to her this past summer. There was no custody battle. My daughter felt her child was better off with myself and my Husband. After I let the grand-baby go to live with her Mom and mom's new Husband last summer, I began to suspect there was something wrong. I have taken my Daughter to a family counselor, who advised her to seek further drug counseling. I do not like her Husband and feel that he has no business "spanking" my Grandchild. If anyone is going to discipline the child, I feel it should be her Mother at this early stage of their marriage. I am at a loss for what to do next. I have tried reasoning with my Daughter, to no avail. If I mention something the child has told me, then the child is punished, and I am told the child is lying. I had this little girl for the first seven years of her life, with Mom in and out of the picture as a visitor. I never talked badly about her Mother in front of her. I am told that there are not any inpatient programs for my Daughter. She is getting Medicaid. She works, but her job does not offer insurance. I do not have the means for a lengthy court battle, nor do I want to put my Grandchild through one. I cannot discuss any of this with my friends as friends have the "My child would never do any of those things " attitude. Just need some friendly input.