I love my 30 year old daughter and have always tried to be a great mom to her. I have given her everything I can afford and have taken care of her four children while she was in college and when she is at work, for free of course. Five years ago her husband was sent to prison for abusing her and the children. As soon as he got out, she had another baby with him and she remarried him last week. He works on the road and is only home once a month. For some reason, she turned on me the day after she got remarried. She ripped into me for everything! Says I don't attend kids functions, such as scouts and sports, says my house is messy, I'm fat, etc. I work full time as a teacher during the day and take care of her children at night while she works as a nurse. I get very tired. I have had two heart attacks. Sometimes I am too tired to go to the kids' events, but I do make it to many of them. I don't nag or criticize her but her sisters are angry that she remarried her ex. I don't try to alienate her children's affections. All I have done is give and give. The other day ago I missed work because her baby kept me up all night, sick and crying, while I was taking care of her, and I decided to call my daughter and explain that I am having trouble caring for her children all the time and see if we could arrange something else. She lives a lavish lifestyle compared to me. She has a very nice house and car and everything she wants. She doesn't want to pay for day care. I do without so I can spend money on her kids. I have four other kids and grandkids that I help too, and have been divorced for 30 years. My daughter has lots of friends and is pretty and popular. I have no life because I devote my time to her children. Then she acts like I'm not good enough for her to be proud of me. She always invites her friends over for dinner and goes out partying and dating. My heart is broken. What should I do?