My 32 year old daughter has gone from my best friend to a cold stranger like a turn of a coin. We've shared in so many things over the last few years, enjoyed each other's company. She has given me 3 beautiful grandchildren. She doesn't like my new husband. That's one thing. But, recently, her and I were out of town for a cat show. She shows cats and I go with her for support. She gets frustrated at times, so I noticed this and was going to go sit down and get out of her way. She yelled at me across the floor, "Mom, NO!" -- thinking I was going to talk to the judge. I motioned to her that I was going to sit down. She then went off on me, yelling, telling me to get out of her life, in front of my grandchildren, friends, and everyone else. I know you are thinking there has to be more, but there isn't. Up until this, we were so close and talked everyday. I ended up being left 1000 miles from home and had to take a cab 100 miles to the nearest airport. She still won't apologize, but wants to just move on and not discuss this. I can't stop thinking about this, crying all the time, etc. At one point, when I asked her for the keys to her car to get my suitcase, she threw them at my face. This is so uncharacteristic of her usual behavior. As she won't discuss this and just wants to "chat" as usual when I have talked to her since then (which has been only once in 3 weeks), I don't know how we can resolve this. This isn't something that I can just forget and move on like it never happened. I wrote her an email tonight and tried to express how sad I was that this has happened between us. She wrote back a cold 2 word answer in response. Help? Thoughts?