My adult daughter also hates me. I thought she would outlive this when she got older. She was a very difficult teenager with drug problems. I played hardball and took her to J&D court and gave her 2 options: reform school or rehab. She chose rehab and got clean. She still hated me.

She has a 6-year old son whom I adore. She recently moved back to where I live after living in Texas with her husband and son. Her husband had PTSD. He committed suicide 6 months ago.

Today, for example, I called and my grandson asnwered. I asked to speak to his Mom because I had some mail for her and needed to talk with her. He told me that she said I was annoying. She wouldn't come to the phone and even unplugged it. This past weekend, I was supposed to watch my grandson from Friday to Sunday. She didn't come back until this morning, Tuesday. I love being with my grandson.

She hates her husband's family and won't let his mother see my grandson. It breaks my heart because she lost her son and now her grandson. She told me if I had anything to do with her mother-in-law that I would never see my grandson again.

She is so rude and disrespectful. If I am standing by her, she will push me oiut of the way or tell me to get away. I can't believe how hateful she is. It is almost as if she is possessed. It hurts me so much because I do so much for her and give her so much. But she wouldn't even call me back. There is no reason. And I find out from my grandson how much she hates me. He tells me things that she says and does to him that are very upsetting. Thank God my grandson does not have her personality. He is so sweet. He tells me he hates the wayshe treats me and doesn't know why, either. He just tells me that she says that I am annoying.

I vacillate between anger and hurt regarding her. Others have seen how she treats me and can't believe it. But she can turn on the charm and be very sweet when she wants to be.

I hear from others how their children treat them, also. So it doesn't mean you have done anything wrong.