I have four children. They are all adults now. One of the children which I call my child is actually my niece. I got her when my sister died. She was two year old. I thought that I had given her all of the love and opportunities that I did for my own blood children. She is 36 years old. She used to work for me. I have a childcare center.

There was a time that I sent her back to college to get additional credits for the position that I needed her to fill. She was very excited at first and then the next thing that I know she got pregnant with her second child. I know that I did not at first handle that news very well. She is not married and the guy she is with has nothing going on for him in his life. He collects SSI. She live in a section 8 house and he is really not suppose to be there.

She told me that she would be coming back to work after she had the baby. She had the baby and she told me that she really did not want to work anymore at the center. This was a tremendous disappointment. There was a time that I really needed her help just for a few weeks. I asked her to help me not as an employer but a mother asking her child. She said that she could not help me.

I have tried to maintain a relationship with her. But, it seems like I am always the one to call. She said that she loves and cares about me but I don't hear from her. During Christmas, I sent her $1000.00 to help her. She thank me for the money.

However, she did not even call to wish me a Merry Christmas nor did she send a card. I brought this to her attention and she sent me a T shirt with her children's picture on it.

I go from being angry to feeling so bad. I don't understand why she does not communicate with me.

That is the story about her. The other daughter that I have is now getting married. She wants to have this very expensive wedding about $40,000. She is a doctor. I told her that I would give her $10,000. I went to a food tasting with her last week and I told her the food was okay. She got upset with me and said that I was being so negative about everything and started crying. I got upset too because she is just being so unreasonable. I told her that she should not ask me for my opionion when she has already made up her mind. Now she is not talking to me either. I wrote her an e-mail to apologize and she has not responded.

I am so pissed off with my children. They have no regard for my feelings and they treat me badly. I cannot imagine treating my mother like they treat me. Am I wrong for feeling so bad.