My 3 yo daughter camped out in our office with her two male cousins (3 and 5). My husb walked in, and saw our daughter standing with her underwear down. The boys were just looking at this point. He told them to cut it out and sent them back to bed. I didn't know this had happened. After we went to sleep, she came in and asked if she could sleep with us because the boys were "being crazy". This meant nothing to me. She'd never asked to sleep with us before, but I didn't think much of it. The next evening, my husb FINALLY told me what happened the previous night. When I very gently asked our daughter about it, she told me they told her to remove her undies, and after that, daddy came in and got mad at them. I left it at that. She slept with us that night. The next morning, she and I talked a bit more. I asked if anyone touched her special parts. She said that the 5yo did, but not the younger cousin. She pointed to her vagina and her bottom.

So, what now?! My nephews' parents spoke to their sons the next day, but NEVER mentioned anything to me, and more importantly, to my daughter... their niece. My husb and I are not on the same page with this. I keep reading that is NORMAL exploration. Okay, for the explorers, it may be "normal". But, what about to my little girl? Because of her cousins' exploration, her idea of "normal" has been skewed. For 24 hours, it was "normal" for someone that she plays with and loves to look at and touch her genitals. I know it wasn't totally okay with her, because she crept into our room in the middle of the night.

Please tell me if I'm crazy. My husband and I never fight, and we've been fighting on and off again since last Thanksgiving about this. My job as a Mother is to protect and defend my daughter without regret or apologies. I love her and am hurting for her. Please help. Our family is shredding. :(

Thank you.