I have a 31 year old son. When he was 3 years old his father and I divorced. I got re-married when he was about 7. I always thought that we had a good relationship. He is my only child. I did everything for him. He got married to who I thought was a wonderful girl at the time, in 2006. They gave me a wonderful grandson last November 23, 2009. One day after she had the baby... we were near where her grandmother lives. She had told me before that she was going to stay with her for awhile. I called my son 2 times on his cell, but he didn't answer. When I got home, I decided to write on his Face Book page "I tried to call you 2 times, but you didn't answer. We thought since we were in the vicinity, that if you and Mary were still at her grandmother's house, we could drop by to see the baby". OMG... he got so angry with me and called to yell at me about writing that on his page. I have a long fuse... I hung up... but the more I thought about it, the madder I got. I called him back and told him to NEVER talk to me in that tone of voice again. After all I have done for him, he still insists on treating my like chopped liver, and I would need an apology, then I hung up on him. He will NOT apologize. Then all of sudden he quit talking to me, stood me up on my birthday and did not even call on Mother's day. Mary was down with the baby one day and came to see me. She told me that my son is mad at his dad for always ignoring him... but he's also mad at me... thinking that I used his Nintendo gaming system when he was little for a babysitter, and that I "shuffled" him off to his bedroom and made him stay in there all the time. I was horrified when she told me that... these things are SO not true! I did everything for him... he is my only child after all. I cannot BELIEVE that he thinks I did these things! He is still talking to his dad... but refuses to talk to me... even to sit down and TELL me these things to my face. He refuses to answer his phone, any of his emails, and will not talk to me at all. We were at the same baby shower a few week-ends ago. He acted as if I weren't even there... refusing to even look at me. I sent him a certified letter which I know he received, but I can't assume that he read it. I am at my wit's end... he is a very stubborn man. I think that instead of apologizing to me... it's easier for him to just write me off. Oh, and he did the same thing to his best friend.
Sorry this is so long...
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