I am a retired 62 yr. old single mother. My 27 yr. old daughter constantly yells at me, swears at me and for the first time has hit me twice in an angry rage. While a few female friends and I were on a recent vacation she took it upon herself to change the locks on the house so that a man that I have been seeing for a year doesn't come into the house as she doesn't like him ( he lives over an hour away). She also has taken the mail box key, refuses to give it to me and wants to scrutinize what's coming in the mail. She comes and goes as she pleases, refuses to contribute any money to help me pay the bills ( has said that my male companion should pay rent when he is here), comes and goes as she pleases with her boyfriend ( who sleeps over with her), has never offered to help me take care of the home ( exterior and interior cleaning, garbage removal, snow removel, etc.). She and her boyfriend watch my t.v. from 11 p.m. to who knows when and sleeps till noon and expects me to be quiet till then, even thou I get up at 7 a.m. She has two part time jobs, keeps all her earnings for herself and not once has offered to help me in any way shape or form and I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and a very tight financial budget. I love my daughter and a few of my closest female friends have told me to toss her out of the house, change the locks on both the house and the mailbox too. They said she is a 27 yr. old mature adult who has crossed the line of tolerance and needs to learn a very hard life lesson on respect, let alone the emotional, verbal and now physical abuse. I need help, as I am afraid that I will lose her if I ask her to leave, and she has already told me that she will never talk to me again if I force her to leave. Frightened, scared, sad and heart broken.

A heartbroken Mom