In the scope of things, my teenager is not a bad kid. She is a great student and is not in trouble with the law or staying out doing things she shouldn't.

But she has become almost unbearable to live with here lately and we are at the end of her rope. She doesn't respect me or her brother (15 1/2 yrs old), she is nasty to him and never respectful of his feelings or needs. She never asks him to do something, just demands. She feels she has the right to boss him around, and has even resorted to physical violence with him. To his credit, he doesn't hit her back or hurt her in any way, even though he could. He has told me that he will never hit her back, because he knows he will hurt her. She screams at him and yells at him and calls him names.

She is nasty to me and speaks to me disrespectfully. My husband travels for his job, she would never behave this way if he were home. She won't do her chores and when I tell her to, she gets nasty. She does them, but not without a fight.

We just moved from Florida to Illinois, because of my husbands work. Her attitude is getting worse, and she tells me that she hates it here, she hates this house, she is bored and we don't do enough to make her happy. Her attitude and behavior started long before we moved from Florida, so it is not the move that is causing this. I am frustrated because I am tired of her being ungrateful and disrespectful. I don't know what else to do. Grounding her doesn't work, yelling at her doesn't work. Nothing works.

Hoping there is another answer.