I am a step-father to a 12 year old that is very disrespectful. This child has been head strong since day one when I entered there lives five years ago. The father had not been involved in her life until I came into the picture. This child goes to her father every other weekend and two times a week. My wife and I are professionals and have a comfortable home, the father has always lived on the other side of the tracks and has not been able to hold down a job. When the child comes home she feels since she doesn't have to do anything at her fathers why does she have to do anything at her main residence.

The child has been acting out more and more lately and has continued to verbalize, that when she doesn't like things here she wants to live with her father. She feels that she does not have to go to school and we have had to physically get her out of bed to do so. My wife and I have finally decided to let her go live with her father. Her father has never given any support money and we know that he will not be able to provide the things she need. She has had a very rough year with two grandparents dying and being bullied at school, which we have taken care of. However she continues to yell and disrespect her mother. My wife and I have a 2 year old together and the child has started to scream like her older sister using a few choice words.

We are saddened that we have to let her go to her fathers, to save the 2 year old. The 12 year old has a counseling appointment soon, but not soon enough. What can we do??