We live in this world. But we each also live in a world of our own making. That world is created from our thoughts and beliefs. If a person believes in ghosts then there is a good chance that they will, sooner or later, see a ghost.

Not being able to see a ghost does not mean that they don’t exist in this world. It only means that they don’t exist for you in your world.

Same goes for Psychics. Within the Psychic‘s world, they are psychic. Bring two worlds together, two people with different belief systems, a Skeptic and a Psychic, they are both right from their particular point of view.

I have been over this road many times and have adopted the motto ’Live and let live’. We are all entitled to our own beliefs. Sometimes I think Skeptics make too much work for themselves. However, I do support their work in exposing the frauds who deliberately take advantage of vulnerable people. But I pull back when they seem to be painting all Psychics with the same brush.

I do not believe in ghosts, this is not to say that they don’t exist for some people. They just don’t exist for me. I feel the same regards Psychics, I’m not saying that they lie about what they do. I am saying that I have trouble accepting what they say they can do. And yet other people would swear by them. Each to their own.

I just think we are missing something here. It might seem airy-fairy, but we must acknowledge the power of the mind. And the strength of beliefs and positive thoughts.

Put logic and reason to one side occasionally and think about the power of the mind.

Many successful people write books on their success. They say that we must think positive. They tell us that to become successful we need only become aware of the power of the mind.

Don’t you think that same mind, the mind that created success, can also create ghosts?