I've been seei?g shadows lately black ones and white ones mostly black ones and only see white ones 3 times. The white ones are very clear that I can actually see them ' the black ones are not so dark and clear but I can still see them. One time at school I saw a white shadow and I went over to see it but it was't there! That was the first time I saw a shadow last year in December 14th 2011 at 2:30pm at school in tamatea. I got freak out a little and went back inside.Then it stopped and started again since January the 18th 2012 and that time a black one appeared and its still happening. The 8th of September 2011 was the date that my nana died and then another family member died later on in 2011 but don't know the date. Before that one died my friend had a seizure and later on I started shaking its like it was a seizure. Those shadows keeps haunting me or something I don't know what they trying to do me please tell how to talk to them ' get rind of them ' tell me what are the white and black shadows are and why are they here?