I am very sane, no mental issues. I am very intuitive and consider myself very capable of being in touch with the "other side", but am too afraid to open the door.

I don't on a normal basis feel spirits but occasionally I do.

Lately I been sensing a presence in my home. Particularly in my bathroom. I get very nervous and don't attempt to go into the bathroom, keeping the door closed. I was in my room (next door to the bathroom) and had a vision in my head of someone being under my house. It was a scary bad feeling and I left my room. I was showering this morning and my 3 year old son came into the bathroom and said someone was working under the house. What the *@#! Where would he get an idea like that, it was out of left field.

Yesterday I wrote in my diary how I miss my mom and I would like to see her again. Its been 15 years so I don't tend to think about her much anymore. After work on the same day I went to the thrift store. I saw 3 things that reminded me of her. Odd things you don't normally see when you go in the thrift store. These things were items she loved and used quite often. I couldn't help but get the feeling that she was near.

How do I deal with these feelings/spirits? I am afraid so does that mean they are bad. Am I reacting in the wrong way? I don't want to open any doors. I don't want to feel their presence, I don't want to be in contact. Do I have a choice? Please help me.