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    Apr 6, 2007, 01:19 AM
    Weird experiences
    I have always had this weird experiences since my teen years it would always happen to me I would be a sleeping and all the sudden I would feel my body drop onto my bed and I would wake up looking around the room wondering if someone else was in the room jumping on the bed; but after awhile the experiences progress while cleaning my closet I suddenly felt really tired and went to sleep half way out and half way in the closet and I had this experience where I think it was a ghost or something but the head of this person was going around and around my body and all the sudden it came directly to my face and went through me I woke up as soon as that happen, (after I moved away from my fathers home my little brother moved into my room and I found out that he was choke and was hunted by this spirit/ghost several times back to my other experiences) after this I would be a sleep and but all the sudden I would wake up and feel my body a sleep and my mind going crazy wondering why I could not move or scream and then I would get up as if I was gasping for air from the fright I would often dismiss them as bad dreams or nightmares if you wish I moved in with my mother and I told her about my experience and she told me this whole concept about outer body travel and the wonders I have had many other experiences since then; my ears would start to ring harmoniously my body would be a sleep and this weird sensation of floating of pulsating numbness and my mind awake while the ringing went on but I was always too scared to proceed to the next level I have had many of this experiences never being able to completely exit my body even when I said I would and would even try to exit one time when I finally decide to go I heard this voices talking around me and saying things like " What is he doing? is he really ?" and I got really scare about that and decide to wake up another time I decide to really let go and I thought I had finally done it but it was not so what happened was that I would still be lying in the bed trying to get up but I could not , I could not open my eyes because they were so heavy I could not move much because my body felt heavy as well but I did hear everything that was going on out side of my bedroom even thought usually if I was awake I could not hear what went on out side very well another experience that happen to me was that I was feeling down sitting in front of my computer researching this experience and also angels but I got depress all the sudden listening to the news and how a mother killed her baby and thinking about all the poor kids in this world that have so many problems and how hopeless they must feel and how hopeless I am not being able to do something well I came across this article about the archangels and their duties if you will how each one is suppose to help you in different ways well I decide to pray to them (not really sure if it was a good idea because I believe in god and his jealousy) well point being that while I was praying for advice and help I felt this burning sensation around my shoulder blades and through my lower back the feeling was kind of like if I had wings and I felt this heat not an uncomfortable one but a nice soothing one and all the sudden this happiness invaded me. Anyway I think I have told you guys too many of my experience sorry but if anyone can help me understand please help thank you all in advance
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    Apr 6, 2007, 07:03 AM
    As a person you a are spiritualy more awake.
    You are exploring the true life.
    Those voices that you heard, I can't explain them but I hear them to, when I dwell into deep "meditation". But I have leraned to "control" it, you can also talk to it.
    I have head a few ideas of what this could be. It is some sorth of a spirit but not really a spirit. I think it is sorth of a help system, maybe even your "guardian". I don't know.
    Remember when you are exploring things always keep a positive thought inside of you.
    As I experineced you always have a sorth of an safe mechanisem that prevents anything bad to happen or stops you if you are going to far or more then you can handle.

    What you fellt in front of your computer was energy. It looks that you very sincere at your prayer and you came in contact with whatever you like to call it. The uplift you fellt was because you accumulated energy.

    If I can be at further help to you just ask.
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    Apr 6, 2007, 03:07 PM
    Check this out...

    Spiritual Forums - Spirituality, Metaphysical, Paranormal and Religious Discussion Forums
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    Apr 6, 2007, 10:54 PM
    Similar experiences have happened to me my entier life even when I moved house to house and that what freakes me out the most but no chocking though nothing that would seriously hurt me
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    Apr 7, 2007, 05:42 AM
    I'm very familiar with the experience of sleep paralysis. I've also known quite a few people who also experienced it so I think it's fairly common. The traditional perspective on it is that the person has hallucinations while they can't control their body.

    However, when it happened to me I could hear and see everything going on around me and could see things that I could not have seen without moving. I believe that it's a stage of astral projection, that we sometimes leave our bodies while sleeping and that this experience is when we're leaving or returning to our bodies.

    It used to happen to me frequently when I was younger, usually when I was going to sleep. "Pulsating numbness" is a good description -- I felt like my body was turning to waves. I remember it happening upon waking, too. I saw, with my eyes closed, my sister come into my room. I knew what she was wearing, saw her brush her hair. I saw a yellow rectangle with a number on it and wondered what it was. When I "woke up" I found, under my bed, a sewing pattern with the rectangle. I could not "possibly" have seen it without getting down on the floor and looking under my bed.
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    Apr 7, 2007, 04:07 PM
    I just wanted to say thanks to you all I really appreciate your opinions thanks again
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    Sep 16, 2009, 02:11 AM
    I just had that weird experience that your talking about.. I can't go back to sleep
    What if it happens again...

    It Was Veryyy Scarryy..

    As almost as if something was trying to strangle me.. kill me..

    I could not move at all during this.. but I could see.. there was nothing around me..
    But it was if there was some evil spirit in the room.. that was trying to take over my body..


    I have had this experience many times before, even in my old house..
    But as bad as this time... and the last experience like this that I had was about 2 , 3 years ago..

    It was rele hard to breath whilst this thing was doing whatever it was to me.. I was gasping for air.. but the more that I would try and fight it.. then the more stronger and faster this thing would have a grip on me.. I could not feel it touching me like a living thing would.. it was different, it was like it was inside me.. well trying to do something to me..

    As I got to the end of this experience.. I could hear the spirit or whatever it was.. breathing reallyy loud and quicker.. it sounded like it was working on me... STRANGE WEIRD AND VERYY SCARYYY! Something was here and I don't know what the hell it was..

    What do I do.. can this thing or whatever it is actually go even further and kill somebody by doing this.. I hope not! But theer is no wayy I'm going back to sleep today..
    And this was one of the days I wanted to have a lye in bed..

    What should I do?? Well I know what I'm going to do now! I'm not taking any more of this!!
    Im going to a preffessional physic to deal with this..

    If you could give me any advice then please do..
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    Dec 9, 2009, 08:57 PM
    I as well experience the same thing. I have experienced this only twice... once when I was 16 and just last night (I am now 19)! My first experience was during a nap in the day time. I was laying there and I tried to roll over and I couldn't. When I realized I could not move I tried to scream... but I couldn't. I then snapped ot of it. The second time (12/09/09 - 3am) I was trying to fall asleep because it was late and I had to work the next morning. As I laid there feeling numbed and weighted down I let the feeling consume me because I thought I was dozing off. All of a sudden I realized it was happening again. My eyes were heavy and closed, sometimes gaining the strength I would peek them open, but I could see the dark empty room either way. There was nothing there, but there was. I felt as though I was paralyzed, and when I finally couldn't take it anymore I began to fight and I tried in all my power to move around and skwirm and right before it ended I heard a wisper and it said "what's wrong with you", and repeated this 3 times. When I escaped whatever it was my arm swung off the side of the bed showing the struggle that I was engaged in. During this experience I also heard everything in the next room! I was fully awake! The first time it happened I thought it was just a dream but this time it was so vivid and real. I am thankful to know that I am not crazy because so many of you experience it, but I still am wondering what the hell is going on.
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    Nov 29, 2010, 10:56 PM
    Hey, There I just happened to stumble on this page but I too have experienced sleep paralysis. I've experienced it twice once about a year ago and then again a month ago. My friend had told me what it was I was experiencing but he failed to mention the outer body traveling. I admit that I was able to hear everything that was going on around me and being able to see around the room but I don't remember the voices. I got to be honest, I was a bit scared, but I was so tired I gave up trying to scream and struggle and fell back to sleep. I did, however, wake up later that night from a suspenseful dream. I have felt voices of the ones explained before ,not when I'm asleep though but when I'm drawing. They ask me why I'm doing that or tell me that I'm doing it wrong. I hope to learn more and perhaps travel the world in my spirit form.
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    Feb 9, 2012, 12:20 AM
    Research narcolepsy and it will probably answer many questions and concerns. Being diagnosed was not too fun but I have learned a lot of stuff by realizing the reality of the situation.

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