All right. Me and my friend were talking in my famialy room and a weird odor came to me. Making me almost sick. Gagging like. It smelled like death. And I looked on Google for possible answers. My friend has been for a long time in communication with many ghosts. They only talk to her when she's going to sleep. Recently in my house. A girl named sally. Now I have been having dreams of my loved ones who have passed. But they died in my dream before they really died on earth. After these two dreams both my grandfather and my neghibor passed. Now I smell death and no one can smell it but me. They say I'm crazy but I know I am not. I read it may be a demon. My friend is the only one who believes me. I don't know what it is and I would seriously like to know. Please help me. I need to know and desperate for some guidance. We have a hunch that sally is not who she says she is. We think she is a demon. But what do we know. Please help me.