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    Jul 7, 2007, 05:28 AM
    Unexplained experiences
    Hi, I am new here and I hope you can answer my questions. We lived in a house a few years back that we almost bought but really strange things happened there. Our youngest son, who was about one and a half years old at the time, saw things in this house. You could hear someone come into the backdoor and walk all the way through the kitchen to the living room door and stop. There were three smells, the smell of a leather coat, really sweet floral perfume and a sweaty kid. We didn't start experiencing these happenings until about four months after moving in. Our son would offer his toys to this being, he would stretch out his arms to it to be picked up. He would baby jabber to it. My husband and I became really worried when it would open up the bedroom door and let our son in and close it behind him. Lamps would flicker off and on when they weren't even plugged in. Our television would come on and go off. Doors would shake real hard like someone was trying to get in. The shower was snatched from my other son's girlfriend while taking a shower. We had our preacher come and bless the house and his focus was on the same room that we had ill feelings about. Things calmed down for about a couple of months and then started again. This time more violent. We started looking for another place to move to and things got even worse. We finally left that house but my family still feels the effects of the experience. We still speak of it from time to time because we can't forget it. I think it still bothers us because we can't understand what was going on. When we talk about it we all get really uneasy, probably because we were so afraid at the time. Can you explain to me what was happening?
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    Jul 9, 2007, 07:05 PM
    I don't like to believe that spirits or ghosts exist in our world, but because I have had some experiences myself concerning the presence of someone or something else who or what I could not see, but was clearly being manifested, I cannot deny that there is at least some truth to there being entities which we cannot see, but nonetheless show themselves somehow in our world.

    It's really fascinating to think about what a very young child is experiencing and can possibly be seeing through their young eyes.

    Sounds like it was just a restless spirit of some kind. Maybe it didn't like the fact that you were in the place where it thought it should be? Maybe, it sensed that your son was possibly lonely and needed someone to play with?

    I'm glad that you got another place in which to live.

    This subject is open for lots of interpretation. Hopefully, others will share their viewpoints also.
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    Aug 30, 2008, 08:20 PM
    My daughter sees and talks to spirits often.I had the same gift when I was 3-8 years old then it went away.she was very scared when she had started seeing them around 5 years old. I had told her not to worry because I had seen them also.she begain talking to them all the time and became really good friends with an older spirit by the name of Henry. When she found out that Henry was looking for his daughter and my daughter had seen her spirit all the time, she helped get them back together.since then henry had given her insight sort of like a teacher would to a student. He told her to get a meteor stone called daughter then told me about it and I got the stone. Since my daughter who is 8 now had been using the stone she had learned the ability to move things with her mind.My daughter still talks with him and he is very friendly.The spirit was looking for help from the one person in our house that could see and help him.She had also told me that Henry says it is like a two way mirror.She can see him in a different realm ,just as he can see her through the same mirror. My daughter told me that it is like the looking glass in Alice in Wonderland.I was amazed that she knew this information and it started making a lot of sense to me.the bottom line is help the spirit by working with your child and amazing things can happen for the good.

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