I dont dream very often, but when i do they are VERY vivid. I can see colors clearly, smell things, feel things etc... A few weeks ago I had a dream about a young girl (about 7-9years old would be my guess) Her eyes were a very light blue color, and she had long light brown hair that had not been washed in a while. She was sitting in a room that was light poorly. She was sitting in the far corner with her knees pulled up to her chest, head resting on the tops of her knees... she was crying. After that I woke up and thought nothing of it until I swore I heard someone whimper "Mommy help me". I rolled over and went back to sleep after a bit. The next morning I was talking to my mother about the dream and my step dad overheard me and asked, " Did she look like this?" and he described the young girl I had dreamed about. Come to find out he had a similar dream about the same exactly young girl...... Neither one of us know anyone who comes close to this young girl... who could she be? :confused: