Hi, my name is Stephenie Bauer. I think I might have a spirit or something in my house. First of all, my daughter's father past away when I was 3mths pregnant with her, she is 3 now. One morning she woke up and said she saw daddy flying and he was wet. He had drown in Williamstown Lake, we never told her that. Another things is that my son, 12, says he sees things upstairs, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, I had him in one room and he said he saw a black figure with a black trench coat on. He said he didn't feel safe and moved him to the other room, it went well for awhile and then he said he heard the chain on the bathroom door move and saw the same figure. He is 12 and watches a lot of the reality haunting shows, so I don't know if he's making it up or not. Sometimes when I'm here by myself I think I here people faintly talking in the other room, I look and no one is there. At night after the girls go to bed I pick up all the toys, when I'm putting them away I feel like someone is behind me, I look and no one is there. I continue and then here a small noice like a click or something and again nothing there. I keep the house warm because I feel cold all the time in the winter, my fiancé and everyone else is hot. Sometimes when I am warm, all the sudden I feel ice cold like from the inside out and get goosebumps. The other day I walked from my living room to dining room, no windows, and I felt like a cold spot. I step out and it was warm, step in it was cold, walked through and warm again. That kind of freaked me out. For the last couple of weeks I've been thinking of my daughters father, a lot. It feels like he's here and it's a weird feeling. I feel like he's trying to tell me something, I don't know, maybe that's crazy. Recently, my fiancé and I have been real edgy toward each other and kind of mean, that's not normal. My kids are starting to be very emotional and bouncing off the walls, being mean. Their 12, 3, 1. I'm kind of skeptical about this but my daughter telling me that and feeling that cold spot and others, I'm kind of worried. This is not a joke, I promise. Please give me any advice you may have.

Stephenie Bauer