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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:34 AM
    Spiritual Visits
    I have recently had an experience that I don't understand. I was in bed and couldn't sleep as I lay with my eyes closed I felt something jump on the bed and tap me, I thought this was my kitten but realised the door was closed and she could not get into the room. I lay back down and it happened again but this time with lots of shuffling around - my dog recently died in August and he used to climb on the bed with me - so I felt this was him visiting me. Again I tried to get to sleep as I closed my eyes I felt a bright light like someone was shining a torch in my eyes, I tried to open my eyes and couldn't, my body also went really heavy and I couldn't move!! Eventually I got my eyes open and managed to move - I felt a little scared. This happened again about 3 times and I could also hera loud muffling in my ears and as strange as it sounds lots of laughter. I then heard a creaking door and as I struggled to get my eyes open again my gran, who has also recently passed away was in my bedroom and she spoke to me - she said she had just come to see me. I was honestly wide awake during all this and I sat up in bed and spoke to her, she walked across the room and looked out of the window, I blinked my eyes to check is she was really there and when I opened them she was gone and my bedroom door was open, I blinked again and the door was shut!! Am I going crazy or do these things really happen??
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:43 AM
    These things can really happen. There can also be explainable occurrences as well. The body and mind can do lots of things. First, Body feeling heavy; this is a symptom of sleep paralysis. Which means that your unable to move and experiances things that are magnified. You could be in a dream state and your body is awake. Or your body could be asleep yet your mind is alert and awake.

    I do not believe your going crazy, but I do have a question for you. How did you feel after your family visits? Scared, relieved, happy, sad??

    Is this the first time it has happened to you? Have you had a change of sleeping patterns or eating differently, stress??

    I do not want to lesson your experience, if this experience was uplifting for you and you believe that you truly were visited from your family. Except that you had that experience and move on.

    Are you a teenager? Adult? The reason is teenagers going through puberty have more experiances with paranormal things, as do young children. Young children because they are more open to experiances. Teenagers because of chemical changes in their brain through puberty causes changes in their whole system which opens them up to new experiances.

    I hope this has helped some and NO YOUR NOT CRAZY.
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:47 AM
    Hi I am an adult in my early 30's. When all this was happening I felt a little scared but after the visits I felt content and drifted off to sleep, I was no longer scared. I do have a lot of stress and was wondering if this was why this had happened, I'm sure I was wide awake because at one point I got up to check if my cat was in the room.
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:51 AM
    I do believe that stress can produce experiances. After seeing your family you felt content and slept better, right? Seeing your family was reassuring as your telling it. So the answer is Yes, Stress can produce this experience. Maybe even your family was truly trying to comfort you. It seems like it worked. No matter the reason why you had this experience. Do you feel it has helped?
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:52 AM
    No you're not going crazy. But, sometimes some things do happen for which we have no explanation.

    The first thing that I would look for in instances like this, are logical explanations to them that don't involve some sort of paranormal phenomena. When all else has been considered, then I might be convinced that maybe something of the paranormal has occurred.

    I can't deny that I have had what I would consider paranormal activity happen in my life. I do have stories that I could share. But, let's talk about things that happen in the bedroom...

    If we are really tired, our minds of course can play tricks on us. If we have been used to certain things happening concerning for instance, a pet, then we have the memory of the feelings and also the motions of certain things happening.

    I go to bed really too late. Sometimes, I feel as though there is something else in the bed with me. There are bumps or movements and I am sure that it is because I am tired and fatigued and because I have the memory of something that used to occur all of the time happening and that I am simply imagining it happening.

    I have often wondered if cats do project themselves somehow on some other plane of existence though. I have always had at least one cat for a pet. Even when there is no cat present in the room or hallway, sometimes I think that I see one there out of the corner of my eye. My daughter who is an adult, has also experienced the same thing in my home when she has been visiting. She has never lived with me in my present home and so would not have reason for these sort of things to be conjured up because of the memories of them happening previously.

    Without going on here because I could go on, but it is really late for me and I need to go to bed, I do want to ask you one question though.

    Have you ever taken control of a dream while you were dreaming? I mean that you knew you were dreaming, but that you were in control of the dream?
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:55 AM
    Yes I have - you take control and you can steer the direction of the dream!
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:58 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by nickia
    yes i have - you take control and you can steer the direction of the dream!!
    Exactly! And you two are typing so fast that I can't keep up! I need to get to bed!

    What has happened to me when I have known that I have taken control of a dream, is that I also have the feeling that my body is paralyzed and that I can't wake up, even though my mind is totally in control of the dream!
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    Jan 11, 2008, 04:11 AM
    Jesushelper76 agrees: I to have had paranormal experiances. Which did not want to get into detail, Awsome questions. Great post.
    Hey, thanks Jesushelper76! Maybe there is cause here for a new thread to be started. Maybe something that might be titled "Paranormal Experiences That You Think Have Happened to You." Just a seed there... Needs further work, though...
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    Jan 11, 2008, 04:14 AM
    I will be back tomorrow to check out this thread. Seems that we have some things in common here! Just got to finish up some unfinished business here on another thread and then off to sleep! Good night!
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    Jan 11, 2008, 03:50 PM
    Dogs and cats and other animals have been known to successfully come back to their owners and make themselves known. They can come back to us in dreams or actual physical instances like the jump on the bed sensation you described. It has been well documented that they can actually appear in photographs taken after their demise with their owners. I have a book that shows a ghost dog appearing with their owner in a picture.

    You sound like you are sensitive to your surroundings and have the makings of being able to "feel" these things and be aware of these things. Don't be afraid as this is really only a three dimensional world we see and there are more dimensions present that we cannot readily see.

    Dogs and cats can easily see ghosts. My dog likes to play with my "resident" ghosts at times. She will sit patiently on the couch for hours and gaze in the same direction and be happy. Normally she goes to sleep. She sometimes barks and runs around the house as if either chasing someone or someone chasing her. She is really a couch potato so I know she is playing with the ghosts.
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    Oct 21, 2009, 12:50 PM
    Kia ora - Hello! Is anyone out there. I know I'm a year late but hey - here I am.
    I too have experienced quite a number of visitations and well remembered, at that.
    If anyone is still posting on this site, respond and I will pick up on this... hopefully the next time.
    I am so looking forward to expanding on this thread, should anyone stummble across it.

    Arohanui - lots of love,
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    Dec 3, 2009, 05:04 PM
    Well this has helped me a bit. I had something a bit different occur just this morning, though I did experience my cat Poe's spirit right on my arm as I was at the computer, shortly after he died. He'd been hit by a car. I think he wanted me to know what had happened. I wasn't asleep for that one! Imagine the shock my boyfriend had when I told him the cat visited and he'd just told me he found his body.

    But this morning was different. I heard my name as I was waking up, then felt as if I were being held down, being drained or something like that. It was energy I saw when I closed my mind, green emerald energy. I have read that is healing energy but what the heck? It did not feel bad but I felt woozy afterward. Go figure. Any comments?
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    Jan 27, 2012, 11:58 AM
    You probably experienced Sleep Paralysis, it is when you are consciously awake but you physically cannot move because your body is in the sleeping state still. This isn't uncommon, it happens to a lot of people I know as well as myself. I don't have the experience of seeing things and feeling things on me, but I just can't move until my body decides it is time to wake up or "come back". People say that when you sleep your spirit goes off and that is why you become paralyzed at night, which is the reason why you may feel a thump or a crash when you wake up. People will say when they experience sleep paralysis they feel demons and see things that aren't actually there. It is just a natural thing, I'm not sure if there is a cure for it, you would have to look it up. Hope I helped!

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