Hi , I'm 15 , recently been very ill for 4 weeks with bad headaches , since I've been ill I've started seeing people , weird strange people , lately I've noticed these people are dead since I saw my uncle who passed away a year ago ,

This also happened when I was about 7 , my parents thought I had an imaginary friend , strange things would happen when I was with him .

Now I'm starting to believe maybe he wasn't imaginary,

For someone as young as me , this isn't something nice , I freak out when I see them , for instance the other night I was on my lap top its suddenly switched off and I saw a reflection on top of mine of a man in tha screen on the lap top , I've never been so scared in all my life ,

I haven't told anyone about this in case they think I'm crazy,, maybe I am ,

But iff anyone could help me , tell me why I'm seeing these dead people ? What do they want ? And why me ?

Thank you ever so much x