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    May 24, 2005, 07:24 AM
    I saw "spirit/ghost".. weird feeling!
    I posted another thread titled.. My house is haunted.. But I wanted to share what happened to me almost 5 years ago at my dads house. My mom had passed away 10 days before xmas almost 5 years ago. I went to visit my dad about 2 weeks after she died. I was sitting at his kitchen table talking on the phone with my sister. From the corner of my eye, I saw something moving in the livingroom. I turned to look and I saw this form, like a person, gliding across the room. It was about my mom's height. It wasn't touching the floor, maybe off the floor a few inches. It was like a dark, dark, gray fog (best way to descibe it) I couldn't take my eyes off it. Not completely tranparent. The strange part is the feeling I had while watching this. It was like I was in a different dimension, slow motion, I don't know.. very hard to explain how I felt. I kept watching it until it went through the wall. All of a sudden I'm back to normal time?? The weird feeling went away. I told my sister who was still on the phone.. "I gotta go now" and I hung up on her. I asked my dad if he saw it, he said "saw what"? He couldn't see the living room from where he was sitting. About a week before this 26 year old daughter was at my dads, sitting in the same chair (where my mom always sat) and the same thing happened to her. When she told me about it, I just told her not to worry it was her gramma. They were very very close. But when it happened to me.. it was exactly as she described it.. same place in the living room, same time warp feeling.. except she saw it walking to the left, I saw it walking to the right. I have had many many ghostly experiences in my life. One house I lived in in the early 80's really scared me. Anyway.. just thought I would share.
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    May 25, 2005, 05:17 PM
    You are, in effect,
    Tuned into another dimension. The "timelessness", the strange feeling, that is all "normal". Some people are more attuned than others, that is all.
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    Sep 13, 2009, 08:18 AM
    When I was little I loved to here my grandmas ghost storys she only had 2 but I loved them.When I was like 3 I only new one of the ghost storys the story goes like this:In like 9999 a little girl who loved her doll had vary sick pareints.So they got so sick that they had to move away from their girl to die.But the girl did not know this she had to move away to her aunts home she had forgoten her doll so she ran back home but all of the windows looked the same so she went thro the wrong window and twisted her ankle she couldent reach her doll and she died the ather story is my granma sow a ghost noen at work soposidly that plays was a cherch before she started working there.Those are troo storys so you sholdent be scared .Imagen that you were that little girl I am onley 8

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