Ok I have noticed a weird phenomena happen at random points in the night. I will either be asleep and wake up or I will be falling asleep when my bed vibrates. Sometimes it's a light vibration and sometimes its strong enough to knock my headboard against the wall very quickly. And its not my body because I've risen in bed and the shaking has continued.

This occurrence is extremely sporadic occurring sometimes two or three times a week and then I'll go months and months without experiencing it. I've lived in four different locations in the past five years and this phenomena has occurred at every location even with different mattresses so I can only assume that I'm the source or something is following me.

The last occurrence was about 2 weeks ago and as it happened (note I live in a 3 bedroom apartment and I have a bathroom that connects our rooms) so I called my roommate to come in and I told him to feel my bed. He placed his hands on the bed and asked why my bed was vibrating. I told him I didn't know. So I have witnesses to this strange occurrence.

What I'm wondering is how and why this is occurring. I used to know a psychic (as I was on a paranormal investigation team) and she told me its because I'm psychic. I'm skeptical about this so I was wondering if any of you know anything about this. I'm 25, male, 192 pounds, and healthy so what the heck is happening because I have no clue. :confused: