Ever since I was a child things have been happening to happen to me. I felt hot breaths on my neck, my name called, scratched, my hair got flipped up, I've seen shadows and I've dreamt of demons but never remember the actual dream the only thing I ever remember is seeing the demons face before I wake up. I played with an Ouijia board and heard growling when I said I didn't believe that it was something paranormal moving the glass. That was the first night I dreamt of the demon. I got reunited with my sister and she was telling me crazy things. She said I had a demon dog following me around and that night she slept over my house crazy things happened. I saw a gold shadow, I saw red eyes under the kitchen table, I saw a big black paw, I saw a blue face appear inches in front of mine. The bottles on the bar clanked together and my sister and my friend swear they saw the devil. It was 4 am when I finally fell asleep. And I woke up to my sister and friend scream. They said they were trying to wake me up for 5 minutes my sister said she punched me. I had a bruise but didn't wake up to it. I woke up in a cold sweat after I heard them scream and they said they saw a black shadow lunge at them and growl in their faces. As they were telling me this I heard laughing in my ear and the words it was funny in a grassy voice. After my sister left nothing of that magnitude happened Again. It only seemed to happen when she's near me. I now live with my boyfriend and for the first month I was living here I felt fine. But now I'm starting to notice little things are starting to happen again. I want to know is this real? Could there be a 'demon dog' following me? If so what does it want with me and what is it?