I have a long story but I'll try to make it short.. yeah right. Anyway, my husband passed away after a very very short about with cancer almost 13 years ago. We had just had a baby when my husband got sick and my son was 3 months old when my husband passed away. Ever since the day he died countless freaky paranormal things have been happening. It doesn't matter where I live. It started in New Jersey and followed me to Arizona. I should say he followed me. I can't begin to tell you everything that's gone in in this house. From homework being thrown off the table, doors slamming shut, someone breathing in our ears, sheets being pulled off us, dishes flying around, spices flying out of the pantry, things always falling off the walls, footsteps upstairs when no one's there, things constantly falling off shelves in the garage, the phone ringing on the day and time of his death and someone asking to speak to him, he gets mail here all the time,we see black shadows fly across the room, my son sees someone at the foot of his bed, I can go on and on. We've had five different paranormal groups out to our home and they come in cold, not knowing anything that's going on. They all say the same thing.. it's him. He misses you and his son. He's checking up on you both. I'm in a relationship and we're all tired of being scared to death all the time. Does anyone have an idea of how long this is going to go on. I miss him and will always love him too, but I have to go on and live my life.