Since I was 12ish I was just an evil kid. I never wanted to talk to anyone, etc. Everything around me is negetive. I'm a good person but I've always felt like I'm being watched. I had a child and she was adopted. Ive seen things and I still see my daughter weekly, and she's seeing ghosts at 3. after I had her things got 10X worse. I would see dark figures at night, she wouldn't sleep at night, she would see things and we were both miserable. Her babysitter was catholic and adopted her because she was happier there. I really try to keep all negetive energy away from me, but I think it will be around forever. I don't do bad things, and have a relationship with god, but no matter where I live or who lives with me I feel like something bad is there. Mostly at night, I've seen psycics and done a lot of things, but most of the time it makes things worse. What do I do?