Hello everyone.. I need your help.. OK at night I feel like something is watching me when I'm like going to sleep and my dogs starts to bark as if someone is near our house or coming to visit us but there's more than that lately I've been hearing some strange noises and it is when I'm alone in my room or in the living room. One night I woke up to a very loud banging noise on my bedroom's door (cause I close it when I start to sleep )and when I opened it no one was there . My grandmother lives with me but she is asleep and she goes to church as well but she doesn't believe me. I am really starting to think that it is a demon of some sort. Why I am thinking it is because when I was in the sixth grade I was possessed with a demon and the preacher was at my house casting it out but it then went to my grandmother. It was calling my name and looking directly towards me. I passed out soon after I saw this demon. I'm afraid to go anywhere dark or isolated... can anyone tell me any signs that I should be concerned about or things I should look out for ? Thanks