I come from a very paranormal believing family my whole mum's side of the family believe in Ghost/Demons I once had the gift to see spirits but lost it when I turned 12 because I didn't take much thought into it but now all I fell is as if there's something around me or next to me but sometimes I can't tell if it's my Nan or Pop because I know my Nan pops in to say hello but I don't see her anymore but she lets me and my mum know she's there and my mum can see spirits sometimes but my Pop doesn't pop in much not since I was like 6 or 7 when me and my mum were watching the land before time IV and I saw a old man stand at the hallway but I knew it was my pop even as I never met my Nan and Pop.

Back to the topic ever since I moved into this house last year I have had 2 or 3 dreams but only remember to the first one I had was me ad mum just came back from HJ's(Hungry Jack/Burger king) and I had the drinks and I went to the toilet and then walked into my room and saw that my bed was moved and I asked my if did moved it and she replied no so I took nothing of it and then I walk out to the living room and sat next to mum and she asked me if I had moved the shelf and I said no then I heard a noise in the hallway and looked there to see a figure for like 1second then the lights all turned off then the figure I saw was stomping down the hallway and I stood up then was really scared and woke up then I heard my cat meowing really loudly but was still in shock from the dream that I couldn't even move or talk as if I had my energy stolen from me.

The 2nd dream ah damn it is there in my memory but its like locked away I can't remember it well but yeah.

But when my mum was in hospital I was living here for like 2-3 month on my own some days I had my best friend who is like a brother to me and we were up till like 5am but while we were awake we were watching TV and I heard a noise in the hallway but there was nothing there the cat was outside and the noise's stop while I was looking there so I asked if Tyler who is my friend if he had heard the noise he said no and I then thought I was hearing thing so I kept watching TV then I saw something in the corner of my eye but when I looked I saw nothing so could someone try to help me find out if I have a ghost or demon I hoping its just a good ghost.