I feel has if my house is haunted. My youngest cat is always crying up at the celing and her mother is always looking out in to our hall. We can never see anything however bot my neighbours and my brother hve all felt as if sombody had walked over our grave, thiis only happens when the person is sitting on the left hand side seat never the right.

Also have had my computer dialing up the internet on its own before I had broadband, and just last night the draw in the kitchen fell out. Plugs keep fusing themselves to the sockets, have had an electrician check out the power supply he said it was normal.

I am not normally freaked out however I was checking an old street directory and the person who live here was a coachman he lived in the house from 1902-1910. And the next person to live in the house was a bricklayer. How can I findout what happened to them and is my house really haunted?
Helen Madden