I have lived in my home for 9 years now. - It seems like there is ALWAYS something going on as far as "bad Luck". Freak accidents and acts of nature keep happening here on both outside on the property and inside the house. 4 weeks ago, my husband and daughter were taking a very slow ride on our 4 wheeler (atv) and she put her hand on the gas throttle. The atv lept forward and They ran over my dog ( who died 4 days later with a $8000 vet bill) - then continued over a huge bank and totaled the atv ( $5000). - My daughter was shaken, had to get 17 stitches, plastic surgery. - last June , 3 tree's ( 100 ft tall - 3 ft diameter) - fell on the house and caused $80,000 worth of damage. - In the spring, the water from the neighboring properties starting washing away our front yard and making our driveway crumble away. We still haven't been able to fix the problem. Last January, I fell walking across the driveway and broke my arm into 2 parts. ( 5 days in the hospital - I have 5 screws and 2 bars holding it together) - At my daughters birthday party, the huge cake that she was going to blow the candles off, suddenly slipped off the plate and onto the floor. My 2 year old fridge isn't working and the repair man said that he was 'surprised" that the motor fried up. - this goes on and on. - I've never seen a "ghost" or felt threatened by a specific spirit, but I do hold my breathe everyday because i think "what's next"? - what can I do? ( other than sell the house - not an option in this economy for us).