Hi, can someone please help me I have been living here with my mom and two kids for ten plus years.. Its our dream house we built here. So we are the first occupants.. A few years ago I was sleeping and woke up around 3 am (I cheched the clock) to a burning smell in the house.. I sat up in bed and heard the microwave button press two second later.. Immediately after the light on the electrical water kettel was switched on and off.. I saw it lit up the kitch for about three seconds cause the kitchen light was off.. I got up and checked but everyone was asleep. Two hours later my mom got up and the kettle was hot and no water was in it. A few weeks ago I worked on the computer late and got up to take a shower before going to bed that was around two am. As I was pouring a glass of water from the refrigerator I heard water coming from the tap in the bathroom. By the time I checked it was off. I was the only one up in the house everyone was asleep. Last night I slept at my boyfriend's house and I had a terrible nightmere that someone had broke into our house and murdered everyone except me. And I stood there helplessly screaming.. And anyway that was just a dream and I was happy when I woke up. When I got home my mom was sitting at the table having a cup of coffee and looked troubled. She said she had a horrible night. Her very first ghostly experience in our home. Around three am my son's remote control car which was in her room sirene came on by itselfand woke her up. She got up and turned it off promply and put it in the toy box. Five minutes later it alarmed again. And about three seconds later the kitchen drawer where the spoons and forks are in open and its as if someone shuffled the cuttleries and shoved back in the drawer.. She got up and checked and everything looked normal and she went back to bed. About six years ago our caretaker murdered his wife and buried her in a shallow grave next door to our property. Her battered body was found three weeks later. He committed suicide in the apartment we had renovated for him downstairs. We were never scared or has ever seen their ghosts or any such paranormal activity after until the above that I've mentioned I'm not saying that it's their ghost.. Also not too long agoi was had just got into bed after mid night.. I had just closed my eyes and something was holding me down and I couldn't move I managed to open my eyes and there was nothing there. And finally I was on vacation in the caribbean about three years ago. I was staying at a huge summer house. I was alone at the time since a heavy storm was near.. I was two stories up about 6pm when I smelt a strong coffee being brwed. I had cooked lunch since 11 am that day and did not make any coffee since like two days before the coffee pot was empty I was home alone all day.. My friends got in about eight. My bofriend came up and kissed me and said 'thanks hon for the coffee' I tried to tell him I didn't make coffee and he told me I forgot.. I really didn't. The next night before we came back home we had just finished making love and he got up to shower and I lay in bed and I saw the door which was locked.. Not the bathroom door. I saw the knob turned and the door opened... Am I being followed or watched by a ghost or demon... Is my house haunted what can I do?