I moved into my home in May 05. Every evening I feel someone is watching me and every night I wake up at 3:00 am with the feeling someone was just in my room. My daughter (23) has had the same feelings. Her room is in another part of the house.
One morning at 3:00 I and my dogs woke to the sound of water being spilled, like a pail was just dumped. I looked all over and found nothing. The next morning I went into the basement, and exactly below my bed was a puddle of water with splash marks reaching 1-1/12 feet from the main body. There was nothing wet in the ceiling, no pipes near by.
I also have light bulbs that blow out 2 at a time in the same room. I have left items in one place, gone to get them and can't find them, only to find them there again a couple of days later.
I found out that the family who owned the house before me cut down all the shrubs around the house because they felt someone was watching them from outside.
I thought someone may have died in the house and when I asked the neighbor, she said she's had many of the same problems and that her gandson actually saw a man sitting on his dresser, she saw nothing but he was adamant he was there. This also happened at 3:00 am
Last night I woke to a stench that was a cross between a skunk and dog doo. I let the dogs out, then checked my room. Nothing but the smell, so I thought one of them had gas (3:00 am again). SO I went to the kitchen had a drink, let the dogs in and tried to sleep. By 4:00 I couldn't take the smell so I got up. After showering I went back into the bedroom and there was no smell.
Am I losing it, or is something going on.