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    Sep 9, 2012, 11:47 PM
    History of the Land My House Is Built on
    OK I have seen a black shadow or cloud what ever you choose to call it. My fiancÚ hears knocking so loud at times it wakes him out of a sleep and he actually actually answers the door, I hear dropping , like its stuff being dropped.I recently had my house blessed because I could feel so uch tension in the house, after that it got horrific.I had ghost hunters here several times. It was occasional before I had the house blessed , but now its as if I pissed him off, and he is making his presence known on a daily basis. Moving stuff , things disappearing, I will close a door but when I go back oin the room I see it is so far is not demonic or harmful, but he's letting me know he's here, my 8 month old will wake up in middle of night with a blood curdling scream and will not sleep in her room,even my dogs go nuts barking at nothing, its now that I hear demonic groans and chanting coming through over the baby monitor... I please nee3d help, suggestions please
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    Sep 10, 2012, 04:51 PM
    I wouldn't worry too much about the history of your land. Even if it did originally have something to do with allowing spirits to dwell there, it is not something you did personally (or is it?) and therefore really has nothing to do with their removal.

    I can tell you one thing you did wrong here... and even more specifically the priest. Having the home blessed is not what will resolve most haunting issues. Your answer IS going to come from the church, but I suggest you find a different one. The entities need to be removed by Christian authority. When I say removed I mean it needs to be done my a spiritually mature Christian... and it is typically going to be a forceful type of prayer... depending on the strength of the spirit. It may take fasting, it may take more than one prayer... that will be determined by the pastor or priest doing the removal. But the important things is that you contact somebody that knows what they are doing. I suggest you look into the Full Gospel churches. Don't be afraid to call around and simply ask if the pastor has much experience in this area. I'm assuming the one you had come over had none.

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