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    Mar 25, 2004, 02:27 PM
    History of my home
    My raised ranch was built in 1966. As far as I know only one family lived here. Reason for the sell was the housewas to big for the widowed wife who's husband passed some years back. I have now lived here for almost 2 years. It's nothing scary but I am curious. Sometimes I feel as though someone is in my room even though I am alone. My family hears things here and there. A door opening. Creaking of the walls or floors. The weirdest thing happened last week. My cousin was downstairs and he doesn't hear very well but he did hear the half bath door slam shut and when he looked it was closed. If the husband is in the house I don't feel he is causing danger to us or even trying to scare us. But maybe its my imagnation running wild. But I can honestly say I feel a presence here and what can I do about it? e-mail [email protected]
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    May 23, 2004, 11:07 PM
    Re: History of my home
    It is entirely possible that the husband is still there. However, I personally believe it would be the style and age of your house as being the culprit. The house which you live in is about 38 years old and it is a ranch house which would probably make it a large part wood. Creaks and doors slamming are just normal. Hope that helped.

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