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    Jun 25, 2008, 11:40 PM
    here is something unexplained that really bothers me and I don't know what it is.
    There are many things I do not understand that happen to me. I have gone through several experiences that I do not talk about because I feel I am going insane. One of these however, seems to have to do with a lot of the things that are happening. In this I will give as much information about myself that I believe could aid in helping find the answer. It all began before moving to Florida. I was born in Chicago, Illionois and lived there for one year before moving to Jackson, Mississippi where I lived until I was about 5. My very earliest memory was when I was still 2. I remember waking up one morning and knowing how to talk, who my parents were, and who I was. Two years past and I remember a week before moving I started hearing people talk to me when no one was around and assumed it was a ghost seeing how I just learned what they were. I moved to Orlando, Florida where I started to see things. The first of these sights was New years when I was 7. they couldn't be ghosts, they seemed like they had intelegence and looked like shadows of people only they seemed more like a dence fog that you could visually see through but hardly. They appeared more often in the years and it got to the point when I saw them at least once every two or three days. When I moved away to Huntington WestVirginia where I live now they even still appeared. It was like they were following me. Then the day before my thirteenth birthday they made their last appearance. I didn't know what they were but they were gone and I was happy. Soon came my fifteenth birthday and there was still no sign of them. Finally I had almost forgotten about them thinking they probably were just some childhood thing. I never saw them in buildings. However I believe it was April this year things started getting weird. I started having a sequence of dreams that were more like memories seeing how they had nothing odd about them and they were vivid. I was seeing through the eyes of someone and they were calling me something sounding like Aeon. I wasn't sure what they were saying because everything I heard was muffled. I got a few things out of it. Those things scare me too. They talked about 13 years and stuff like that. The oddest thing is, it was 13 years after my first memory. As the days past things got weirder. The dream seemed to continue for a full 10 days before ending. The names Sheya, Mizan, and Yona seemed to slip out of my mouth at random intervals in the day at school I know this because my friends have noticed. We believe they are names since they are constantly repeated and aren't accompanied by anything. Those figures started to reappear but now they seem to enter buildings. They are rare now but they scare me. If anyone knows what's going on or any of these terms are linked to something please let me know. I need answers. I am very serious because its becoming a problem.

    I guess my question in short is, is there any explanation for this, am I going crazy, and is there anything out there related to this?
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    Jun 26, 2008, 12:04 AM
    These visions went away at age 13, and came back in April of this year... The brain operates through chemical reactions that generate electrical pulses. These are measurable using an EEG. Age 13 is around puberty, a time of major chemical changes in the body. Perhaps what you are experiencing is a result of normal changes in body chemistry, which are making your brain more sensitive. Paranoia is encountered in new situations, and if you ask "Am I going crazy?" you probably aren't.

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