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    Feb 18, 2018, 02:32 AM
    Help? Dream meaning?
    I was with Ryan(my friend) we walked outside his house. I then all the sudden was in a country like area. I saw an African American gentlemen crying while sitting on a hay barrel out side a barn. I went up to him, gave him a hug and comforted him in general. He thanked me and we kind of became friends. He offered me a job and I agreed to work. I was working on a war movie and had to move people who were acting dead and were extras on the film. I was very bad at this and failed quite often. I left the set taking a brake and walked to a wood shake. My dream then panned over to show the gentlemen I helped. It's showed him sitting there as another man approached him. This man knelt beside the guy I helped and proceeded to talk to him specifically about me. This guy said I was a demon that was taking advantage of him and that he was dead. He started balling his eyes out saying how ,it can't be true, and that ,I care about him, he expressed overall denial. He then started to fade away in a faint yellow/gold color as he went to heaven. The dream then panned over to me again in the shed as every thing around me started changing to the color red. And the shapes started morphing. Every thing was eventually shades of red and I was in a room chained up. There was a creepy but yet attractive young Caucasian women in the room with me, and snakes were coming out of all the surfaces in the room. (BTW I hate snakes) I then realized in the dream I was in hell. Shortly after I awoke what does this mean? Please help me. Please respond I'm lost and need guidance. Was the guy that approached the African American guy an angel not real but one in my dream?
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    Feb 19, 2018, 12:08 AM
    The African American guy that you approached was not an angel, but probably just another Bat Out Of Hell. You really should drop acid in the morning, instead of at bed time.

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