Hi I hope I'm asking in the right category

Years ago someone told me if you threw your extra pennies around in your house (under beds, couchs, dressers, corners etc) thst you would always have money. I did this every home I lived in for the past 20some years

Wellabout a year ago or so I quit doing it (figured I was a grwon up now -lol)
At first I was always finding them and picking them up and throwing them in a container I have.
The past few months I keep finding them on my floor out in the open -so I started to pay more attention to see if it just SEEMED like they were showing up in my face like
On my counter tops
On my tub
Back of my toilet
In my yard by my driveway and walkway
In my tree line
Etc etc etc

Last week I found a stack under my car , they are in my driveway ( they weren't there before trust me I know this because I am on it all the time)
I am finding them on my bed
I am finding them everywhere constantly
And not just one all the time sometimes I find 3 or 4 of them together

These are not the pennies I have thrown in the corner or under a bed kind of thing or behind my dresser

I am starting to get freaked out by it because I am finding them inplaces that they SHOULD NOT BE or HAVE NOT BEEN THERE ten miintes prior to sitting down
(ie I sat down and there is a pennie on my table I just sat up my laptop on- I had just cleaned it off ) in not the kind to keep stuff in my pockets so nothing couldve fallen out of them
And I do NOT keep cash due to my 2 kids in their 20's who always seem to be NEEDING it (I have an excuse no cash on me sorry)

This is VERY obvious in my face kind of thing
Does this mean anything?
Or am I losing my mind?

Thanks in advance for any theories!