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    Mar 12, 2016, 02:41 PM
    Does anyone experience regular mattress vibration?
    Double bed, vibration down centre - cannot be felt if I put my hand to either side of the bed. Wakes me up quite regularly and also noticed as dropping off to sleep. (I know is not a pre-sleep phenomenon that people talk about). I sort of know this is spirit visiting; know who spirit is. Have learned to talk to it, welcome it, say pleased to have it visit but I really need to go to sleep now. Vibration subsides and then ceases. Has been going on for some years now. Comes with me on holidays, other places I sleep etc. My partner has also been woken by it, when I have been asleep through it. When it started years ago, I tried ignoring it, but then heard scratching and scraping in wardrobe that got louder - was trying to attract my attention. I have been used to a range of phenomenon all my life from 'fuzzy air' - like in the film predator (watery/pixellated effect, human sized in my dining room), shadows and movement on peripheral vision, poltergeist activity (removing from machine and balancing son's Xbox disk on t.v. bracket between t.v. and wall), shadows under doors, footsteps up stairs when no-one else in house, candles being re-lit, broken glass bowls, being shaken awake when dozing on sofa, full length body pressure alongside me in bed (was sleeping alone), putrid smells in one area of living room for several weeks before disappearing for a few weeks only to return weeks later - air freshener sprayed in area, bounced back onto my hand, gerbil being removed from gerbilarium and finding him in my wardrobe at to a.m. having climbed set of stairs, and pushed open 2 doors... visiting friends being 'pushed' out of or through doorways between rooms, 5 litre tin of paint being moved from room to be decorated to another in an empty property rented to tenants where no-one else had access so that decorator painted wrong room - said he painted the room where the paint was as I had told him, 'bee like' buzz sounds in my ear ('zip-zip' sound). Current relatively recent experience is new - wondered if anyone else had experienced similar or anything similar to my other experiences. Happy to hear from anyone.
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    Mar 12, 2016, 03:00 PM
    Do you live in a 2 story building? Also how far away are you from the kitchen ?
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    Mar 12, 2016, 03:19 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by cdad View Post
    Do you live in a 2 story building? Also how far away are you from the kitchen ?
    He does mention, "Comes with me on holidays, other places I sleep etc. "
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    May 15, 2017, 09:18 AM
    Yes get the mattress vibes plus various other things... not as nasty as yours seems to be... also get the buzzing in the ear... pepper smell I put down to my dad occasionally.figures down my hallway,knocking on the doors etc... worst thing was when I was alone in my living room sat on the sofa and there was a huge bang in the doorway clearly from someone standing there on the door strip that is made of wood... now that did scare me because there was no other explanation for it only a large person being a few feet from me who was very aggressive. Your never alone but usually mine are friendly.hope this helps a little.
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    May 15, 2017, 11:12 AM
    My favorite solved mystery is from an old wooden retirement home in the SE of the US, in a very rural area, lots of green. If was for sale, fully furnished, including several rocking chairs on a long wooden porch overlooking a river. But no one would buy it, because the rockers all started rocking every morning at the same time!

    Long story short, there was a power plant with massive turbines over 2 miles away, over the river. The vibrations and the type of soil around and under the river were enough to travel that far, and start the rockers.

    It is well known science that wooden houses, especially old ones, do a lot of noisy movement as the sun expands the wood, and shrinks as the sun goes down.

    The putrid smell is most likely a dead mouse in a wall. The smell is intense for about 2 weeks and then gradually goes down as the corpse dehydrates. I get them about 2x
    times a year.

    Now the bee sounds in your ear? I have what I call 'electric spark' sounds in one ear, on top of regular tinnitus. No idea what it is, other than being 70 and prone to such things.

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