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    Sep 23, 2014, 10:21 PM
    Dark shadowy man
    If some one could help me with this it would be much appreciated, when I was much younger than I am now I used to see a dark shadowy looking man with a long wide spreading coat on he would walk past my room at night and many times with in seconds my mum would walk in the same direction a few times he opened my door and looked in (there was a light on and he was transparent with being 6-8ft away)
    I have even experienced the same shadowy man follow me while on was on my bike a few times and on one of the times he was there every time I looked over my shoulder at exactly the same distance (to be honest scared the life out of me) no matter how fast I peddled he was still at the same distance until I reached the end of my road then he vanished.
    I saw him only a couple times after that and I was so scared I shouted and screamed for him to leave me alone in doing so alerted my parents that both come to find me scared on my bed shouting at the bedroom door, roughly 20 years have past and now I'm starting to get the feeling I'm being watch again and that some one is all ways close by me that close to even touch my shoulder with I'm working (I work alone with the door closed no chance any one can get in or out with out me) the last thing that has really taken me and got me to come on here is that last night in a perfectly clean shop I threw some sawdust down and with in me turning around and turning back again there was a perfect footprint right next to where I was standing given the fact I had shoes on with thick soles there is no chance I could have left a perfect footprint with toes included

    Please some one one help me with this as I want to know what he is and how I can bring him back in my life so I can communicate with him and see what he is after (with specialist help)
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    Sep 26, 2014, 08:38 AM
    This is not terribly uncommon. Spirits very often manifest as hooded and cloaked figures. As with any spiritual encounter, they are after influence. Some are stronger than others... some are more persistence than others. There are always going to be ore unknowns than knowns when trying to understand how and why the spirit world operates. I must strongly suggest that you NOT try to contact it or call it back. Thought it has never been menacing to you in the past, that is not an indicator of it's true intentions. Leave well enough alone... if it does make a reappearance, THEN deal with it by contacting someone with experience in removing entities.
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    Sep 26, 2014, 08:46 AM
    It appears the OP has posted before with the same topic, but received no answers as far as I know. This means he is using two different names.

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