OK, so this is kind of long and I'm sorry about that but I would really love some input. I don't know if this is something to worry about or not. I've always been very instinctive and in tune with people in general but have never experienced a haunting. I got into a relationship recently and she moved in about 10 months ago. Shortly after that, we started hearing whispering, I started feeling little brushes against my arm. We also started getting bad feelings but didn't know if it was just overactive imaginations. My closet door would open for no apparent reason. We started seeing a large, dark shadow, usually just standing in a doorway. My son who was just over a year at the time, began having what we assumed were night terrors. He would wake up kicking, screaming, sweating. His eyes were huge with almost nothing but pupils showing. He had never experienced them. 1 time as we were laying in bed, we heard my name about 5 or 6 times. Each time it got louder and gruffer. So we decided to move for that reason among others. In this new house everything seemed cool. No noises, whispering, bad feelings. Nothing. Then slowly but surely things started happening. It is still in very mild stages. Nothing happens on an everyday basis but it has me wondering anyway. The baby who is now 2, wakes up in the middle of the night pointing toward the back room crying and won't go near that room for quite some time. He points to the ceiling and a particular corner of the room and repeats... no... no... no. I have felt what seems to be someone sitting at the bottom of my bed. Oh another thing I forgot to mention, in the old house, we were replacing fuses constantly but thought it was just the house. About 5 days ago, the same thing happened in the new house and we had to reset the breakers? Any comments? Thank you