Ive been attacked while in bed by evil spirits or demons, unable to speak or move. Hearing things in the Spirit Realm. Sometimes feeling unable to breathe and a feeling a stabbing in my stomach and churning while in this state. One night while laying in bed I was attacked unable to move or speak. I am a born again Christian and my faith in Christ Jesus. When this happened I heard in the Spirit the Lord singing over me, then soon after I heard dreadful screams from hell which I thought would never end. Then again I heard music with no words. Then I'm being attacked again. Then I heard a choir of men singing about heaven and salvation. It was so hard getting out of of this state feeling helpless, but I knew God was with me the whole time. That was the only thing that comforted me, it was so bad I asked the Lord in my mind are you taking me home. Then I finally got out of it, but each time this has happened it has been so hard to get out. The Lord has given me 1 revelation out of the 3 times it has happened. Has this sort of thing ever happened to anyone else?