Hey there everyone,

Over the past few days, strange things have been happening in my apartment that I moved into about a month and a half ago. Appliances turn on and off by themselves... it started with the DVD player - at first I thought maybe our DVD player had some loose wiring since it was the only thing that was turning off & other things were plugged into the same outlet. Then other appliances started going on and off one at a time. When this happens, I really don't feel unsafe. I don't feel like I'm in any sort of danger - it's more irritating than anything else (especially when I'm watching a movie & have to re-boot & find my spot on the DVD again). When this happens, it's almost just like someone is trying to play a joke on me.

The scary thing that is happening is when our bathroom taps turn on by themselves. I can hear them creaking like someone is turning them on really slowly. Then when I go into the bathroom, the water is running. I shut it off and the same thing happens again - never when I'm looking at the taps but when I am standing outside the door in the hallway or in my bedroom. When this happens, I feel scared and threatened. I feel like someone is watching me & I don't like being in the apartment. I feel especially scared when I actually have to go into the bathroom to turn the taps off - like I'm not wanted there. Around the same time that the taps have been turning on, I have been smelling smoke - cigarette smoke to be exact - I checked outside and didn't notice anyone smoking outside. I checked the hallway of our building & didn't notice the smell there. The smell tends to be in my livingroom. The first time the taps turned on and I went to turn them off, I noticed that the door to the baby's room was opened - I specifically remember closing it earlier (so I didn't have to look at the boxes I have yet to unpack from our move).

I feel like I'm going crazy. I think my boyfriend thinks that I'm losing it partially because it doesn't seem to happen when he is at home. I am having a baby soon & don't want to feel unsafe in my apartment... is there something easy I can do to get rid of whatever is happening? I noticed on another page that someone recommended burning sage - maybe I'll try that but I'd love to hear others' thoughts.