Well, I'm just going to come out and say it, I think there is something messing with me in my house. Either that or I am losing my mind. Some years ago when I was 16 I used to wake up with bruises on both my arms and sometimes I would feel like someone was touching me. On my leg or back when I was awake. Now I'm 29 and here recently things are starting to get my attention again. For instance, I was cooking and heard a knock on the front door; when I went to answer it there wasn't anyone there. Then I started to get glimpses out of the corner of my eye, and hearing someone calling my name. My husband told me I was crazy or just full of it. Well, the other night we heard a noise in our room and we didn't see what it was. The morning after I found something that was on the shelf on the other side of the room behind a chair. And that same morning he was shaving and didn't hear or see it, but I was standing right in front of our dresser and a V.F.W. token good for one beer ended up behind our computer. I heard it hit, and seen where it landed and kind of freaked me out. And of course I'm shunned off as to being "crazy". Then token belonged to my late grandfather. I also feel something touching me when I'm in bed "not my husband" because he's usually asleep when I feel these things. But it feels like something running lightly up my back or across my arms and legs. I'm not scared I just would rather be crazy than haunted. Please help! Yes I'm haunted or No, I'm nuts!