Im 12 and for as long as I can I rember creepy things have happened to me things ending up wear I did not leave them money in a locked bank and I had the key it looked untouched but when I looked into it nothing was to be found even though I put money in it then I got some more money in it and it was gone again:confused: a few times every thing in my top shelf of my desk would be swiped off by an invisable force acationaly I would see a young mans reflection in a mior of window when I turn around no ones there doors close without warning or wind and I get the funny feeling someone is waching me a lot and even once when I was walking back home with a friend it continued to step on the back of my flip flop and after I detumened no seen force was cosing it we ran to her whimpy boyfriends house and we were so scard and pale windows open and close by themselves and unusual drafts happen were ever I go is this normal to have this many paranormal activity happen to someone and apperantly its standing by my feet because its hott and my feet just when unusualy cold ohh well can someone please explain this

PS this paranormal activity is happening more and more it used to be when I was alone but now whenever so please help