So my pappaw passed away 6 years ago, in the home him and my grandmother shared. She is still living in the same home they also had separte bedrooms and she found him in bed after he had passed in his room. Although there has been no strange activity or signs of his spirit being in the house, my son who is only four experienced something at her house last week. We go over there to visit from time to time and this is the first time he has ever mentioned anything. We went over there for a visit and it got late it was around 10 pm or so and he had been in her room playing so I told him to go get something he had left in there it was time to go. He wouldn't go into the bedroom because he said "no mommy i dont want to go in there! that man in there and he was staring at me". So I went on to ask what man? And told him to show me where he refused, scared to even go in the room with me. So I basically made him and asked now who and where he point to the door way in between my papaw and mimie room. At that point I was a little scared it gave me chills honestly and automaticaly thought what if my pap was there?? So I walked him back through the living room, where there is another entrance into my papaw's room ( which the room is just the way he left it to this day).After a few minutes had went by, I said come in here I want to show you something. He was terrified to go in that room because that man was in there he insisted, mind you he has been all through out the house since birth pretty much and never acted funny or scared. When we went into the room there are pictures on the wall and I asked if he seen the man in any of the pics, he pointed right to his papaws which freaked me out a little. Well a week has went by and I haven't thought much about it until tonight. My son was in his room and I told him it was time to brush his teeth, while we were doing so he said to me "mommy why was that man was is my room while i was watching my lion king", of course I said who again and he replied, "the one that was in mimies room, and he just looked at me remeber". He said this a normal tone like it was nothing and wasn't scared at all this time... Is this possible? I don't see him making it up and it has been a good week so itts not fresh in his memory? If so why hasn't my granma seen him I'm her home or why hasn't he shown himself to my mother who still grieves him to this day? He never got the chance to meet my grandfather, could this mean he is watching over him, is he an angel?why would he show hisself to my kid of all people? Can anyone help me with this one??