I'm no dinosaur expert though. But I have read both the Jurassic Park novels and I know that it is not possible to clone dino-organs from the DNA obtained through mosquitoes. The DNA sample from mosquitoes would contain mixed blood from a variety of dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. It is not possible to differentiate which DNA strand belongs to who. And it is not possible to create a dilophosaurus or a T-rex or a raptor within four years of time using machines and another lab equipments in present time. But, is it possible in the near future ? Would this the right way of craeting a dinosaur ? Would this be a right way of putting man and dinosaurs, two species separated by 65 million years, together ? Or is this way terribly wrong? Were dinosaurs destined to die during that period and are both these species not supposed to be allowed to put together in the same time-frame?