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    Aug 9, 2013, 02:14 AM
    Is DNA cloning to create a dinosaur possible in future ?
    I'm no dinosaur expert though. But I have read both the Jurassic Park novels and I know that it is not possible to clone dino-organs from the DNA obtained through mosquitoes. The DNA sample from mosquitoes would contain mixed blood from a variety of dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. It is not possible to differentiate which DNA strand belongs to who. And it is not possible to create a dilophosaurus or a T-rex or a raptor within four years of time using machines and another lab equipments in present time. But, is it possible in the near future ? Would this the right way of craeting a dinosaur ? Would this be a right way of putting man and dinosaurs, two species separated by 65 million years, together ? Or is this way terribly wrong? Were dinosaurs destined to die during that period and are both these species not supposed to be allowed to put together in the same time-frame?
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    Aug 9, 2013, 02:16 AM
    It's a work of fiction, but stranger things have indeed happened.
    Who's to say what exactly will be possible in the future, given enough research.
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    Aug 9, 2013, 02:40 AM
    Scientist are actually trying to do this, most conclude that because DNA has a life of less than 1000 years, it is not possible,

    But then, read this story

    But then this
    Cloning Dinosaurs - Fact Or Hollywood Fiction? ~ Tech Senser
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    Aug 9, 2013, 07:36 AM
    The ethics of ALL cloning, all engineered life, all genetically modified organisms, is a complicated and ongoing discussion, that really has to be taken on a case by case basis, and even then is open to lots of argument.
    There is now argument that dinosaurs weren't really wiped out by the huge ash cloud and cold darkness after the meteor hit. It was more complicated, and possibly involved change in the weather and land (losing lots of swamps), and wasn't as instant as it appears. Cloning a large animal that would be unable to survive now anyway would just be a feat unto itself. And a woolly mammoth might be a lot more likely, given that they can still be found frozen.
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    Aug 9, 2013, 12:18 PM
    National Geo. Did a recent issue on this topic. One of the most interesting comments (intersting to maybe me only) that came out of their discussion (and it may have been in a letter that followed in the next month's issue as folks typically write in to comment on the previous issue articles) but it was brought out that one of the missing ingredients for bringing back extinct species is the lack of adults of that species to nurture the newly created animals. Could man do the nurturing or would instinct be good enough?
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    Aug 12, 2013, 10:06 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Fr_Chuck View Post
    OK, just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding by readers of this thread, and given that the humor of Weekly World News may be a bit too subtle for some to get right away - the site is for "gag news." It's all made up.

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