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    Aug 13, 2012, 01:02 AM
    Before hominids? And before them? And before them?
    As I weakly understand the phylogeny of hominids, the farthest that we can trace our ancestry is to Ardipithecus? Where, though, did he come from? When I try to trace the ancestry of humans, I seem to run into a dead end 3-5mya. Is this the farthest that we can trace our evolutionary process to date? Are there any theories that can trace our roots from single cell organisms to present? Of particular, and more specific interest to me is, at what evolutionary stage (or species) was the ancestor of Ardipithecus during the Mesozoic? Clearly her ancestors survived the Mesozoic with the dinosaurs and then continued on to survive the freeze - but how? Are we thought to have evolved from some sort of fish during is time? Finally, where can I find more information on the origins of the Hominidea, for example, 7mya, 15mya, 75mya, 250mya, 500mya, and 750mya? Thank you for your time.

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