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    Oct 3, 2007, 03:46 AM
    Streaming not working
    My fledgling try at streaming is not working: B. Wilks

    I've got the song (mp3) and music.m3u file in the listen folder.

    Here's my code:

    <OBJECT ID="MediaPlayer1" CLASSID="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95" CODEBASE=" Version=5,1,52,701" STANDBY="Loading Microsoft Windows&#174; Media Player components..." TYPE="application/x-oleobject" width="280" height="46">
    <param name="fileName" value="">
    <param name="animationatStart" value="true">
    <param name="transparentatStart" value="true">
    <param name="autoStart" value="false">
    <param name="showControls" value="true">
    <param name="Volume" value="-300">
    <embed type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage="" src="" name="MediaPlayer1" width=280 height=46 autostart=0 showcontrols=1 volume=-300>
    And the music.m3u file is

    Can anyone spot what I've got wrong?

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    RickJ Posts: 7,762, Reputation: 864
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    Oct 3, 2007, 03:51 AM
    Aha, I may have found the problem! Checking it now...

    *** Problem solved. I had copied the checked out music file from another folder... and the checked out symbol on it made me forget to upload it :)

    Woo Hoo, it's working!
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    Oct 3, 2007, 04:25 AM
    Nice to see you being so helpful...
    To yourself!
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    RickJ Posts: 7,762, Reputation: 864
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    Oct 3, 2007, 06:26 AM
    Every once in awhile that braincell in the back of my brain that was raising his hand gets called on :)

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