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    Jan 25, 2017, 11:28 AM
    New Launchpad Pro
    I have had a Launchpad Mk2 for just over a year now, and have gotten very comfortable with it. I have recently purchased a Launchpad Pro, and have noticed some differences that, while I appreciate, I don't really like. For the past year I have been downloading project files onto my Mac book and using them with my Launchpad Mk2; the lights have been working well, but with my new Launchpad Pro, the lights show up at different colours every time I press a pad. I'm not sure if this is a velocity setting or what, the patterns made are the same, but are made up of different colours. I really need a way to fix this, as the projects work exactly as they should with my Mk2, but show up differently on the Pro. I also don't know how to, or if there is a way to change the pressure sensitivity on the new Launchpad Pro, which I need, considering how most of what I do is split songs into different segments, and it is hard to play complex pieces at the same pressure, so some pads are played louder, and some softer. If anyone has a way of fixing these problems, I'd be really grateful.

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